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The most basic element your body needs for optimal functionality: water. This ‘pick-me-up’ drip is the solution for a variety of issues: hangovers, decreasing the effects of jet lag, and helping you support your immune system. Our mix of B vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids in a saline solution base will help sustain normal metabolism and maintain a healthy immune function. B vitamins are an important part of the diet and are needed to help avoid many health problems. Scientific research has proven that many conditions can benefit from the use of specific and focused IV replacement nutrients.

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Product Description

Vitamin B6, B complex, B12, Magnesium, Potassium Chloride, Amino Acids, Sodium Bicarbonate

When to Infuse:
Warding off exhaustion, jet lag and heat-induced fatigue, increasing energy, catalyzing recovery from hangovers.

Our specially formulated infusions are administered by a certified nurse and are isotonic,
osmolar, magnetized, alkaline, manufactured in the US and independently tested.